San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office Adds A New Bomb Detection Canine To Their Roster

By July 18, 2022 No Comments

JUNE 21, 2022 [SINTON, TEXAS] The San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office was able to retire their 10-year-old bomb detection canine, Bak, and add a new dog to their roster thanks to Phillips 66’s philanthropic giving. The donation amount of $12,000 was used to purchase a fully trained explosives detection canine, Roky.

The duties of a Sheriff’s Department include serving as licensed peace officers, enforcing criminal laws of the state, managing the county jail, providing security for the courts, serving warrants and civil papers, and overall keeping citizens safe. To ensure safety throughout the community, the department partners with industry and other local law enforcement agencies to respond to active bomb threats. Bomb detection, or explosive detection, canines have been used by law enforcement officers for decades and these highly trained dogs are able to identify scents in several common explosive materials with their sensitive noses. After 8 years with the San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office, Bak has retired and the donation from Phillips 66 was used to purchase Roky to take over Bak’s responsibilities.

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